Top 50 - Official Stickers Japan

1 Animated Cats 6 (Winter)Miho Kurosu

Animated Cats 6 (Winter) Stickers with Animation

2 Nogizaka46 22nd Single Song StickersNogizaka46 LLC / Sony Music Marketing

Nogizaka46 22nd Single Song Stickers Stickers with Sound

3 Rilakkuma's Adventures in WonderlandImagineer Co.,Ltd. / San-X Co., Ltd.

Rilakkuma's Adventures in Wonderland Stickers with Animation

4 Pikachu, Switch Out! Come Back!The Pokémon Company

Pikachu, Switch Out! Come Back! Stickers with Animation

5 Say! Seyana! Akane-chan Voice StickersAI,Inc.

Say! Seyana! Akane-chan Voice Stickers Stickers with Sound

6 From Today, It's My Turn! Sound StickersNippon Television Network Corporation

From Today, It's My Turn! Sound Stickers Stickers with Sound

7 Legal V: Ex-lawyer Shoko Takanashitv asahi corporation

Legal V: Ex-lawyer Shoko Takanashi

8 HYPNOSISMICROPHONE-D.R.B- StickersKing Record Company Limited

HYPNOSISMICROPHONE-D.R.B- Stickers Stickers with Sound

9 Degawa ChargingTV TOKYO Communications Corporation

Degawa Charging Stickers with Sound

10 HUNTERXHUNTER J50thJump 50th anniversary project


11 Shiromaru Polite Pop-Up Stickerstomoko ishii

Shiromaru Polite Pop-Up Stickers POP-UP Stickers

12 Sweet Healing Polite StickersHonobono

Sweet Healing Polite Stickers

13 Hello Kitty's Wonderful WatercolorSANRIO

Hello Kitty's Wonderful Watercolor

14 Snoopy Rough SketchesTV TOKYO Communications Corporation/SNOOPY

Snoopy Rough Sketches

15 Gudetama Crayon-style StickersSANRIO

Gudetama Crayon-style Stickers Stickers with Animation

16 Winnie the Pooh by naganoThe Walt Disney Company (Japan) Ltd.

Winnie the Pooh by nagano

17 Chidori's Catchphrases Stickers Part 2Yoshimoto Creative Agency

Chidori's Catchphrases Stickers Part 2 Stickers with Sound

19 ketakuma(CV:tomokazu sugita)Gigno System Japan

ketakuma(CV:tomokazu sugita) Sticker with Animation & Sound

20 Animated POP TEAM EPIC Sound Stickers 2King Record Company Limited

Animated POP TEAM EPIC Sound Stickers 2 Sticker with Animation & Sound

21 ketakuma2(CV:tomokazu sugita)GignoSystem Japan,Inc.

ketakuma2(CV:tomokazu sugita) Sticker with Animation & Sound

22 Brown & Cony's Heart-Throbbing LoveLINE

Brown & Cony's Heart-Throbbing Love Stickers with Animation

23 Everyday Magic! Harry Potter Vol. 2Warner Bros. Japan

Everyday Magic! Harry Potter Vol. 2

24 Hanako's Pop-Up Lifekiki

Hanako's Pop-Up Life POP-UP Stickers

25 Shibanban Animated StickersMIND WAVE INC.

Shibanban Animated Stickers Stickers with Animation

26 TWICEWarner Music Japan


27 Sweet Healing Livin' LargeHonobono

Sweet Healing Livin' Large

28 Irasutoya FestivalTakashi Mifune

Irasutoya Festival Stickers with Animation

29 Animated POP TEAM EPIC Sound StickersKing Record Company Limited

Animated POP TEAM EPIC Sound Stickers Sticker with Animation & Sound

30 A lot of cats. – Supersized LettersMiho Kurosu

A lot of cats. – Supersized Letters

32 Pop-Up Baikinman GreetingsAPDLLP

Pop-Up Baikinman Greetings Stickers with POPUP & Sound

33 MITSUOAIDA with Jun FukuyamaGigno System Japan

MITSUOAIDA with Jun Fukuyama Stickers with Sound

34 Lovely Snoopy at WorkTV TOKYO Communications Corporation

Lovely Snoopy at Work Stickers with Animation

35 KETAKUMA Big Facetakada

KETAKUMA Big Face Stickers with Animation



37 My Neighbor TotoroSTUDIO GHIBLI

My Neighbor Totoro

38 A lot of cats. - Animated!Miho Kurosu

A lot of cats. - Animated! Stickers with Animation

39 Otoko wa Tsurai yo: Tora-san Stickers2SHOCHIKU Co., Ltd.

Otoko wa Tsurai yo: Tora-san Stickers2 Stickers with Sound

40 Sandwich Man Voiced StickersGRAPE COMPANY

Sandwich Man Voiced Stickers Stickers with Sound

41 Snoopy's Supersized Animated PhrasesTV TOKYO Communications Corporation/SNOOPY

Snoopy's Supersized Animated Phrases Stickers with Animation

42 KETAKUMA Formal Intensitytakada

KETAKUMA Formal Intensity Stickers with Animation

43 KETAKUMA Daily Intensitytakada

KETAKUMA Daily Intensity Stickers with Animation

44 Team Rascal PikachuThe Pokémon Company

Team Rascal Pikachu

45 Wonderful Winter Snoopy Pop-Ups 2TV TOKYO Communications Corporation/SNOOPY

Wonderful Winter Snoopy Pop-Ups 2 POP-UP Stickers

46 Love Mode: Pop-Up Pairigarashi yuri

Love Mode: Pop-Up Pair POP-UP Stickers

47 BROWN&FRIENDS Workplace StickersLINE

BROWN&FRIENDS Workplace Stickers Stickers with Animation

48 Rabbit100% in MotionYOSISTAMP

Rabbit100% in Motion Stickers with Animation

49 I'm Your Best Buddypotekol

I'm Your Best Buddy POP-UP Stickers

50 Noisy Chicken: Louder Than Evermame&co

Noisy Chicken: Louder Than Ever POP-UP Stickers